NEWS 12.10.2017

NEWS 12.10.2017

Armadain Media Player

A new release of Armadain Media Player is available. The new one does not carry any serious changes in the interface, however, a number of errors have been fixed.

Below is a list of some important changes:

  1. Support for monitors with high resolution up to 4K is added.
  2. Added support for scaling the interface depending on Windows 10 settings.
  3. Added display of album covers in the mode of showing all the songs in the library (you need to enable it in the library personalization settings).
  4. The services of VK Music and TOP-CHART are disabled. This decision is caused by changes made by the VK ( administration. The future of these services will be known in future updates.

You can download the updates by clicking the Check for updates button in the Universal menu.

Armadain Photos

Also to release prepare Armadain Photos-universal digital photo album.

A short list of available features:

  1. To organize your photos, you can store them in photo albums
  2. Photos can be stored in the Collection. It will automatically search for new pictures and add them.
  3. You can sort photos by the following tags: Moments, year, author, video, animation, folders.
  4. All taken photos can be viewed on the map, there are photos equipped with geo-tags.
  5. You can create animations from Gif photos.
  6. You can select several photos and make a collage of them.
  7. Extensive editing capabilities: Color correction, curve adjustment, filtering, retouching, red-eye removal, adding inscriptions, etc.
  8. Ability to view video clips in .MOV and .3GP format
  9. View slideshow
  10. etc

Soon you will see a more detailed list of available features. Expected in October-November 2017.