A new version of the Armadain Photos

A new version of the Armadain Photos Photo Album is being prepared for release. In the new version there is a large number of changes, improvements and the addition of new functions.

Due to changes in Google Maps. The “Photos on the map” function does not work right now. However, with the release of version 2.0.7001.8452 this function will return again.

There are also problems with uploading photos to the social network VK. This problem is also solved in the new version.

Several major improvements in the new version of Photo Album:

Image Editor:

  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed filter errors, improved image processing.
  • Added the “Fix Horizon” function. If the camera or smartphone was tilted during shooting, the phonography will be shot at an angle. The “Fix Horizon” function will fix these problems.
  • Added the “Remove color points from photo” function. If there is a “granularity” in the photo, such as when shooting in the dark, it can be fixed with one click.
  • Added function to work with layers
  • Added the function “Replace the selection”. When you select a part of the image (rectangular or any other), the selected fragment can be replaced with a color or another image.Below is the official reason why you will no longer be able to upload photos to Facebook photo albums

Below is the official reason why you will no longer be able to upload photos to Facebook photo albums:

On April 24, 2018, permission to publish_actions was abolished. For more information, see the log of important changes. To allow application users to share content on Facebook, we recommend that you use our products for publication.

Added a full option to undo an action or go back several steps (step forward, backward). Added hotkeys.

Fixes and improvements:

  • In the print dialog, when selecting “Collage”, it became possible to scroll through the print pages, if there are several. Also, when the “Print” button is pressed, the printer setup dialog now appears, and printing does not start immediately.
  • When viewing in the “Collection” mode, it became possible to view all the photos.
  • Now, the address bar and the” forward “,” back “buttons are displayed.
  • If the photo has an incorrect orientation, the photo album will automatically show the correct one.
  • The File association “function is added “.
  • Added the ability to save the color scheme. By default, two black and white schemes are provided.
  • Added the ability to add tags and search for photos.
  • Added the Open Photos button.
  • Added the ability to edit Exif data photos.
  • and much more …

The new version of Armadain Photos Photo Album will be available soon.

Thank you for being with us!