Download Armadain Photos

Download Armadain Photos

Armadain Photos – universal way of storing and editing photos.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10/10 AU
HDD: 250 MB
RAM: 512 MB
Screen: 1024X768
Language: English, Russian, Français, Deutsche
Version: 2.0.7001 (January 2019)

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Main functions:

Photos can be stored, both in special photo albums, and in the form of a collection in which all the photos on your computer are collected.

Photo album Armadain Photos collects all your photos on the computer, monitors the additions of new ones.

Supported formats:
Armadain Photos supports a huge number of photo formats including RAW formats.
Support file formats: jpg;   jpeg;  gif;  tif;  tiff;   pcx;  png;  bmp;   wmf;  emf;  ico;   psd;   wdp;   hdp;   crw;  cr2; nef; raw;  raf;  fref;   raf;   x3f;   bay;   orf;  srf;   mrw;   dcr;   sr2;   j2k;   jpc;   j2c.

Sort photos:
Photos can be sorted by Moments, Years, Authors, Videos, Animations, Folders.
Moments – photos are sorted by specific dates.
Year – sort photos by goals, with the option of selecting a month.
Author – if the author is indicated in the photo, you can show photos of a specific author.
Animations – photo album allows you to create both GIF animations from photos and view them, you can select from the entire collection of photos only animations.
Video – during shooting it happens that people shoot a video and then this video is saved to the photo folder on the computer, and these videos are lost. By selecting the sort by video, you will quickly find your videos.
Folders – sorting this kind allows you to display the folders in which the photos are located.
Location if the photo contains geo-tags, the photo album will identify the location, for example, New-York.

Photo album Armadain Photos is equipped with powerful editing tools. Correction of color, adding filters, using curves, adjusting brightness and contrast, retouching, drawing, adding both a simple inscription and text with various effects, blur, including blur in motion and much more.
Filters are various filters for photo decoration (Cloud nine, Gotham, Nashville, Sea, Vintage and others)
Correction – changes in brightness, contrast, auto correction, HSL, HSV and so on.
Retouch – allows you to remove from the image unnecessary objects, spoiling the photo.
Inscription – allows you to add text to images, adjusting the font, color, size, view.
TextART – allows you to add text to a photo with effects. For example, an oval text or in the form of a wave.
Drawing – you can draw on a photo, choosing a brush, its size and color.

Effects, collages and Clipart
You can change your photo beyond recognition. As part of the Album Armadain Photos there are many stickers, clipart, photo frames and other graphic content. You can add a photo frame, apply other graphic objects on top of it, change their color, transparency and rotation angle. Just choose different objects and take them to your photographer. In addition, you can create a stunning collage of your photos and add effects to them.
Stickers – graphic objects of different focus. You can add them to any number of photos.
Effects – identify images with patterns, geometric lines, etc. When added to a photo, they completely cover it and you can adjust the transparency and color scheme for them. Photo frames are an image with a transparent part where images are placed.
Collage – allows you to select multiple images to create a collage of them. On the collage you can add photo frames, stickers and effects.
Your photo will turn into a triumph of your imagination.

Gif – animation
The function allows you to create from your images gif-animation. Set the slide switch speed and image order.

Photos on the map
If your camera or smartphone supports adding geo-tags to a photo, then the Photo Album Armadain Photos will show your photos on the map, you can again visit the places where the shooting was done using the Google StreetView* function.

Slide show
See a slideshow of your photos with the effect of moving to a musical accompaniment.

Watch videos shot on your camera. Perhaps you will find old videos if you use the Collection function.
and much more …