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Armadain Media Player | Personalization

Armadain Media Player Player allows you to customize the look “by itself” To go call the “Universal menu” in the personalization settings, go to the main menu, click Settings and go to customize. Here you can customize the appearance of elements of the Armadain Media Player  

Adding album cover and lyrics in Armadain Media player

If the composition is not in your library or album, the lyrics, you can use the built-in search and add lyrics and album art. Select the song, right-click and from the menu select “File Info” Left panel opens which is divided into three tabs, “Cover”, “Tags”, “Lyrics” Click on the “Cover” and select “album cover …

Connecting service VK Music

To access the services of VK Music and TOP-chart you need to login. Press the Universal Menu button and select VK Music or TOP-chart. You will need to enter your login and password. Enter your login and password. The Armadain Media player will log into your account. The computers do not store your login and …

Adding files to the player library armadain media player

Press Universal  menu> select Settings. Then, in the Settings menu, click Library Settings. Select the folder where your media files, and then click Save and update the library. The library will collapse automatically as you add new files.