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Armadain Photos | Sort photos

1) To search you can use the sorting of images. 2) Open the photo album, click “Sort“ 3)  You can sort the data, specific dates or author 4) To display all pictures, click “All photos“

Armadain Photos | Adding photos to your photo album

Photos in a photo album, you can add a variety of ways Create a photo album then go to it and then click “Add photos”  In the photos, select the dialog box and click Open. You can also add photos using the “All photos” Click “Universal menu” button, select “All photos” Open Folder Explorer. Select …

Armadain Photos | Create a photo album

To organize your photos you can store them in photo albums. Then, share, edit, create collages and compositions, etc. Click “Create Photo Album”, and then enter a name, such as “Sea Journey”