Learn more about service VK Music

Learn more about service VK Music

Questions and answers about VK Music (vk.com) service.   Читать статью на русском 

How valid authorization key after entering?

You are authorized only once and is not change your password or exit the account re-entry is not required.

Audio album feature only displays my albums?

No. If you select the song of your friend, the section entitled “Audio Albums” and “Recommendations” will be shown for your friend. To return to your album, click the “My record”

How do I get out of my account?

Click “Universal menu”, go to the home page, at the bottom of the page click on “Settings”  “Streaming”  “VK”. Then select “Quit account”

Why I can not see songs which are added to their page through the official website VK.com?

In view of the current legislation on copyright protection, the social network VK.com forced to restrict the circulation of some of the compositions in the social network. Some songs can only be accessed from the social network and will not be available even in the official client for Android and iOS.