Adding album cover and lyrics in Armadain Media player

If the composition is not in your library or album, the lyrics, you can use the built-in search and add lyrics and album art.

Select the song, right-click and from the menu select “File Info”


  1. Left panel opens which is divided into three tabs, “Cover”, “Tags”, “Lyrics”
  2. Click on the “Cover” and select “album cover search”


3. If you want found by the cover, you can add it.

Adding Lyrics

  1. To add lyrics select the “Lyrics”
  2. Field appears with the text of the song, press the “Find the lyrics”

3. A list of available services. Select one of them.

4. Then will appear the list of found variants, which will please select


5. Click Save to add the lyrics.


After adding the song or album covers of the text you want to save the changes.

Click “Save Changes