Updates for Armdain Media Player and Armadain Photos

Updates for Armdain Media Player and Armadain Photos

A short list of changes in the Player Armadain Media Player:

  • The services of VK Music and TOP-CHART will be available *
  • Adding the Wah-Wah effect **
  • Fixed an issue where the list of genres in the “File Information” section was not displayed
  • Fixed problems with personalization
  • Changes related to saving program settings ***
  • The function of automatic adjustment of equalizers is added depending on a genre of a composition
  • Completely rewritten presets equalizer ****
  • Fixed bugs and flaws
  • Refusal of the function Browser. Initially, this function was intended for access to popular media services. But she did not win popularity and decided to refuse it. This allowed to exclude the Google Chrome Framework from the player and reduce the size of the program from 200Mb to ~ 40Mb.

A short list of changes in the Digital Photo Album Armadain Photos:

  • The issue of Google Maps working with geosciences has been fixed
  • Fixed bugs and flaws

Updates will be available until mid-March 2018

* Services VK Music and TOP-CHART can work in limited mode due to the imposition of restrictions on the administration of VC. In particular, for accessing your music, you must allow access to your audio recordings to all users in the privacy settings. You will be able to: Your music, playlists and some other functions, and TOP-CHART service will let you know the most popular tracks and the most auditioned artists.

** Find out more

*** After updating some settings can be set by default.

**** Old equalizer settings, including yours, will be lost