Armadain Photos

New digital photo album Armadain Photos. Keep your memories in one place. Improve, edit, create collages and compositions, add effects and upload the result to social networks.


Many editing tools can correct defects in the photo, improve the quality of the image.

The Retouch tool helps you remove bad moments in photos.

Adjusting the lighting, color, contrast, eliminating red eyes, aligning the image, you turn your picture into a masterpiece.

And the function “Correct defects in the photo” will remove colored dots, make the photo more clear.

Add the final touch to your masterpiece, create a caption using the Caption tool or add beautiful curly text using the TextART feature.

The “Work with layers” function allows you to add various elements to your image, select image fragments and create new layers from them. Add ClipART. Create 3D layers and more.

If your camera or smartphone can tag photos with geo-tags, then Armadain Photos photo album will show & nbsp; the location. You can also specify where the photo was taken.

Google map support also allows you to sort photos by their location.


In Armdain Photos app you can use sorting in Moments, Places, Years and etc., mode to organize photos by time and place of shooting.

In the “Collection” mode, you can see all your photos. And the function “Photos on the map” will show all the photos on the world map.

… and many more great features!