Preparing an update for the Armadain Media Player

Preparing an update for the Armadain Media Player

Already in March, we will release an update for the Armadain Media Player, which will bring many improvements and correct the problem of not working for VK Music.

At the moment, if you want to use the service VK Music, then you will not be able to do this. Since VK( changed the authorization system, a March update will be released for correction. You can update it via the built-in system or download the new version from the official site.

What to change in the new build

  • Restore access to VK Music service
  • Support for multi-user mode will be added. If there are multiple Windows users on your computer, then all player settings will be unique for each user.
  • In the play panel you can now change the position of the songs, search for songs, change the size of the list panel in compact mode.
  • When you open a file from a folder, you can immediately download all the files from it.
  • Also fixed bugs and not improvements.
  • Added support for monitors with a resolution of 4K, as well as support for the built-in scaling function in Windows 10

Restrictions on updates

Due to the fact that the multi-user mode is added, if you update the current version some settings may be lost.

The update is expected in late March.