Preparing the release of the update for the Armadain Media Player

Preparing the release of the update for the Armadain Media Player

After the release of the first version of the Armadain Media Player in February 2017, a lot of feedback was collected from users. Beginning from March and till the end of April, the program was revised, including on the basis of these reviews. In May, testing of functionality began and this process has come to an end, very soon a new version of the Player will be available. One of the important tasks was to prepare a program for placing it in the Windows 10 Store. There it will appear a little later. As the decision on this issue has not yet been made.

Despite the great work done to add new features and fix bugs, we are forced to temporarily disable the services of TOP-Chart and VK Music, because  VK ( has restricted access to its music library for third-party applications.

This is related to the disposal of rightholders. Perhaps in the near future, some of the problems will be fixed and the functionality will return to the Armadain Media Player. Either way, you can even more conveniently listen to your music on the computer, as well as listen to thousands of radio stations in the service of SHOUTcast.

List of changes and improvements:

  • Library work is improved
  • Now links to radio stations are placed in the playlist
  • Added PSL and M3U format support
  • Added the ability to transfer the whole folder with music to the playlist and the current playlist
  • Added the ability to rewind video using the Forward, Backward
  • Added additional fields to the library
  • Added support for multiple Windows users
  • Added Media Player Association Wizard
  • Improved library and playlist search
  • The “Now Playable” list now has the ability to change tracks in places, that is, to change the playback queue.
  • Fixed bugs and flaws.

The release of the updated version is planned no later than June 10, 2017