Privacy Policy for Armadain Photos Application

Privacy Policy for Armadain Photos Application

Privacy Policy for Armadain Photos Application

Version 1.03.19

  1. General information

1.1 This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) is developed by Armadain Photos application developed by Armadain Software (hereinafter – the Applications). This Policy describes what data the Application collects, processes, and also indicates the companies whose software products are included in Armadain Software and collect user data.

1.2 The Developer reserves the right to make changes to the Appendices and, if necessary, adapt this Policy to the changes made.

2. Purposes of the processing of user data by the company

2.1 The developer collects technical data on the use of the Applications and on errors that occur in order to create statistics on the use of the Applications for further improvement and elimination of errors.

2.2 The developer does NOT collect personal data of the user of the Applications (user e-mail, location, first name, last name and other personal data)

3. User data collected by the company

3.1. Anonymous data related to computer settings (RAM size, manufacturer, frequency, and processor model), operating system version

3.2. Technical data collected by the Company: data on the number of launches of the Applications as a whole and their individual screens, and functions, the number of active users, the country and region of use of the Applications.

3.3. The Application includes products developed by Google, VK, Yahoo. In particular, the “Photos on the Map” function sends data about the place where your photos were taken (GPS GEO TAG) to Google Maps servers to determine where the photos were taken and then display them on the map. To publish photos on social networks, use the open API, Yahoo. The privacy policy of these services is available on their respective sites.

4.Transfer of user data collected and processed by the company to third parties

The developer does not transfer any data to third parties.

5. Security of user data

Users use Applications as they are and independently protect their data in it against security threats, including but not limited to:

Data security is provided by the standard means of the operating system; there are no additional protections in the Applications themselves.

  • protect their device and applications installed in it from theft or loss;
  • protect their device and applications installed in it from unauthorized access.

6. Contact

For applications, please contact us at