Introducing Service Top Chart in Armadain Media Player

Introducing Service Top Chart in Armadain Media Player

Introducing Service Top Chart.

The most popular music from around the world. Service TOP Chart in the player Armdain Media works using the platform Information in the sections “artists” and “songs” is formatted according to the activity of users, in addition, the service tracks the appearance of new songs and albums. In the section “artists” there are artists who are most often searched and listened to by users.

The first four positions are always occupied by artists, whose compositions are held in the world’s top the charts for more than two weeks. In addition the first two performers usually more than three super popular tracks. The section also contains performers who at least once this year, lit up with a big hit, even if the track is far from being shown first.

Listening to tracks of artists

To listen to the music of the selected artist, VK Music is used. Music can be purchased in the built-in Google Music service.

In the “Popular” section, there are albums and tracks that have many times fallen into the world top charts, and also collected various music awards. Tracks can also be purchased from Google Play Music.

The best tracks of the week

The top-rated “songs” are divided into the most popular tracks. It is these tracks that are most often listened to by users. These tracks are heard on radio stations in more than 50 countries around the world. Compositions also participate in the tops of Google Music and Apple Music.

This section may not coincide with the section “Artists”, since it is more “mobile” and can be changed more often than the section “Artists”. In addition compositions it may be from artists that are still little known, and this is their debut track. You can also listen to these tracks. Since often several options available, for example for radio (Radio Edit), you will be presented a few options.

Answer and Question

Question: Is it a paid TOP-Charts service?

Answer: No. The service is absolutely free. But since VK may not have an agreement with many copyright owners, some songs may not be available.

Question: Can I influence the drawing up of the TOP Chart?

Answer: Only if you are an active user of the service.

Question: Do I need to register to use the TOP-Chart service?

Answer: Music is provided by social network VK Music. To access the TOP-Chart, you must be registered in the social network Vkontakte.

Question: How often is the TOP Chart updated?

Answer: This usually happens when the day comes in North American Eastern Time (EST)