Software License Agreement

Software License Agreement

A user agreement is an agreement between the owner of the computer program and the user of the copy.


User (natural or legal person), Manufacturer (Armadain Software)

Using the licensed software, the user expresses his consent to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Subject of the Software License Agreement

The subject of this drug (license agreement) is the granting by the Licensor of the rights to use the programs Armadain Media Player and Armadain Photos to the User.

Rights are granted under a simple license by providing access to the relevant program. The user has the right to use the programs only on the basis of this license.

Rights and obligations

The user can get the right to use the software in such ways:

Free use of programs. Use for personal non-commercial purposes. The use of programs in countries and regions where it is not and / or part of it, their functionality is not prohibited. The user has the right to distribute the programs without change at no cost.

Exclusive Rights to Programs

Licensor's programs are protected by the RF legislation on intellectual property and international treaties. The licensor has the right to use it with the right to execute sub-license agreements with Users in the Territory.

Thus, all exclusive rights to the relevant programs, as well as to their materials and copies belong only to the rightholder.


The User has no right to change, disassemble, decompile, decrypt or conduct other actions with the object code of the corresponding program without the written consent of the Rightholder.

He also has no right to distribute, reproduce and bring it to the public in any form and in a manner not provided for by the current License.

It is forbidden to sell programs or provide paid services for their installation and configuration

It is allowed to use programs only under the names given to them by the Rightholder. The User does not have the right to modify it or remove copyright protection marks.

The manufacturer does not take any responsibility for the actions of users. The user must comply with the laws of the country and / or the region where the User resides and stop using the programs if they somehow violate the laws of the country and / or the region where the User resides.